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Discover How I’m Scaling Paid Media For The Biggest 8 & 9 Figure eLearning Brands In The World

I work exclusively on direct-response media campaigns where I can scale top-line revenue by $1M – $50M in 12 months or less. . .

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I’ve personally managed over   $15+ Million   in ads over the last year, and have generated over $60+ Million in trackable revenue.


Here’s The Kind Of Results I Generate:

Automated Webinar Funnel:$35M generated from $6.5M spentBrand:[Redacted]

problem / Solution:

Scaled an underperforming business unit from 30 sales a day to 125 sales a day within 90 days, over the course of 10 months I maintained consistent front-end profitability within CPA targets.


Created 90-day marketing financial model projecting avg. daily ad spend needed to hit the targets.

From there, I launched strategic tests and scaling campaigns to increase daily sales volume fast within KPIs.

Low Ticket Funnel:135% Increase In Revenue Within 30 Days While Reducing CPA by

problem / Solution:

Founder spent 2 hours a day managing his own ads, tried other “ad gurus” & agencies that resulted in lost money & frustration.

Hired me to manage omni-channel digital media campaigns across Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and TikTok. Cut his CPA down from $125 to $77 resulting in doubling top-line revenue within 30 days. Client


Restructured every ad account installing my AI optimized campaign structure, shifted away from platform targets to a blended CPA reporting model to focus on tracking net profit volume rather than profit per dollar (ROAS).

Live Webinar: 250,000 Registrants @ $10 CPL In 3 Weeks, $5 Million GeneratedBrand:[Redacted]

problem / Solution:

Needed to generate 250,000 webinar sign ups for a live event in 3 weeks.


Created a strategic financial model and media plan that outlined out spend per ad platform and campaign phases.

Scaled Facebook advertising campaigns from $0 – $28,000/day within 2 days while generating leads 30% under CPL target.

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Our Clients Love Us

“Mac is an amazing talent. Super bright, enthusiastic, and as much of a cliche as it sounds, he quite literally lives and breathes marketing and media buying. He’s on a short list of media buyers that I personally trust to turn over campaigns/clients, & I know without a doubt that they’ll be taken care of as if it were me behind the wheel. I’ve personally managed over $380M in paid media, that’s generated $1.3B in trackable revenue, so I want you to not take that last statement lightly.”


CSO of MaxProfitAds

“He scaled my brand new business from $0 – $150K rev within 60 days of launch. We averaged over 10x ROAS. Fast forward to now a year later, we are one of the largest players in our industry in one of the most saturated industries in the country. Mac’s able to use clear cut protocols and take a business minded approach to consistently deliver profitable campaigns. Hiring him is one of the best decisions you can make if you are looking to grow your company.”

-Adam Wiezorcik

Founder of Bleu Sky

“Mac is a sharp guy. His energy is contagious. He has the rare ability to cut through the complexity of marketing and get to the core of what is really important, and hence profitable. He then uses that core knowledge to get actual results with a high ROI.”

-David “dk” Klein

“Mac is a fantastic media buyer and digital marketer. He has a keen eye for detail and always ensures that our campaigns are optimized for maximum performance. He is a great problem-solver and always comes up with creative solutions to challenges.”

-Jason Stogsdill

Head Of Advertising Grant Cardone Enterprises

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