Scaling 8 & 9 Figure Info-Marketing Brands Using Facebook & Google Ads

We work exclusively on direct-response paid advertising campaigns where we can scale top-line revenue by $1M – $50M in 12 months or less. We only work with a few brands at a time and currently have 0 spots open. Apply for our waitlist.



I’ve personally managed over $30+ Million in ads over the last year, and have generated over $100+ Million in trackable revenue.


Here’s The Kind Of Results I Generate:

$37M Generated From $6.6M Spend: Automated Webinar Funnel

Timeframe: 10 Months

Increased Monthly Revenue By $212k While Reducing Ad Spend $100k: Low Ticket Funnel

Timeframe: 5 Months

Reduced Cost Per Booked Call From $476 To $92 While Doubling ROAS: VSL Call Funnel

Timeframe: 3 Months

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A Message From Our Founder

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’re serious about adding an extra 7 – 8 figures in cost-efficient, top-line revenue this year, then this message will show you how.

Here’s the deal:

We, at “InfoMarketing Agency,” are the secret behind-the-scenes media buyers for some of the top info marketing brands right now.

But we’re definitely not for everyone.

Here are the four main reasons why we say No to potential clients:

1. Our services are expensive, and that can be a dealbreaker for some.

2. Even if someone wants to hire us, we need to refuse until we know they can commit to a pre-determined ad budget and give us specific KPIs and growth targets.

3. There are other agencies out there that offer more services than us. We don’t do everything under the sun. We only work on scaling paid media campaigns for brands interested in total market domination. That can be overkill for some.

4. We don’t hand-build businesses from scratch. Instead we take proven offers already working on at least $1,000/day in ad spend and scale them to new heights.

Are any of these reasons why we would say No to you too?

If not, your company may be a good fit. To get started, click on one of the buttons on this page and fill out an application to speak with us.

Until then,

Mac Magyaros

8-Figure Ad Buyer

B.Sc. Information Systems, Miami University


Here’s What People Say

“Mac is an amazing talent. Super bright, enthusiastic, and as much of a cliche as it sounds, he quite literally lives and breathes marketing and media buying. He’s on a short list of media buyers that I personally trust to turn over campaigns/clients, & I know without a doubt that they’ll be taken care of as if it were me behind the wheel. I’ve personally managed over $380M in paid media, that’s generated $1.3B in trackable revenue, so I want you to not take that last statement lightly.”

– Jay B.

CSO of MaxProfit

“He scaled my brand new business from $0 – $150K rev within 60 days of launch. We averaged over 10x ROAS. Fast forward to now a year later, we are one of the largest players in our industry. Mac’s able to use clear cut protocols and take a business minded approach to consistently deliver profitable campaigns. Hiring him is one of the best decisions you can make if you are looking to grow your company.”

– Adam W.

Founder of Bleu Sky

“Mac is a sharp guy. His energy is contagious. He has the rare ability to cut through the complexity of marketing and get to the core of what is really important, and hence profitable. He then uses that core knowledge to get actual results with a high ROI.”

– David K.

Founder of TallBox Marketing

“Mac is a fantastic media buyer and digital marketer. He has a keen eye for detail and always ensures that our campaigns are optimized for maximum performance. He is a great problem-solver and always comes up with creative solutions to challenges.”

– Jason S.

Head Of Advertising Grant Cardone Enterprises

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